Child's viewpoint

Adoption and fostering features from a child's perspective

Please also see our information on the types of children waiting for adoptive and permanent foster families.

Girl swinging with a big smile

"I am so pleased we are together"
Frasier, 16, and his younger brother, 15, were adopted together when they were aged eight and seven, after their adoptive parents saw their profile in Be My Parent. Frasier tells us what he feels about adoption generally and being adopted with his brother.

The girls have their say!
Sisters Emily, Chloe and Katie, now aged 9, 10 and 11, were adopted together six years ago. They tell us about themselves, each other, their family, and how they feel about being adopted together as a sibling group.

"My family felt right from the start"
Nikita, 18, and her sister were featured together in Be My Parent ten years ago. She tells us about her life, her adoptive family and how they have influenced her.

Charlotte's adoption advice
Charlotte was adopted when she was four, and now aged ten, she gives her advice to people thinking about adopting.

What's it like being adopted?
Louise and Jake, aged 11 and nine, are sister and brother who were adopted together five years ago. They share their thoughts and feelings about being adopted and their adoptive family.

What does adoption mean to you?
As part of National Adoption Week 2011, some adults with experience of adoption reflect on what adoption means to them.

All these years later Graham, a student nurse, who was adopted in 1987 through the Be My Parent family-finding service reflects on what adoption has meant to him...

What's it like to be adopted? Find out what it has meant for some children (taken from The Colours in Me, published by BAAF).

Adoption day! "My family always celebrates October 16. Why? It’s not my birthday, it’s not Christmas, but it is the day when two years ago I went to the High Court of Justice in the Strand with my family." James, an 11-year-old boy, remembers the day of his adoption hearing.

Dear readers My name is Jack and I am 13 years old. If it wasn’t for the Be My Parent paper, I might not have been adopted, and my life would be so different to what it is now – HAPPY!

“Many lesbians saved my life!” Before I met Mum and Sue, Social Services hadn’t talked to me about going to be adopted by lesbians (I was eight years old then). But I had already told them I didn’t want a dad...

Jane's story Jane, a young woman with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, describes the impact this has had on her life, and particularly on her schooling and education...

Different but the same...
Rivalry is a common occurrence between brothers and sisters. But how different is it for siblings not related by birth? Children tell us what it is like for them to have adopted siblings.

Love is thicker than water
Collette has four siblings, born to her adoptive parents. Are they any closer to each other because they share the same blood? That's not a question she likes being asked!

Real brothers and sisters
When adopted or foster siblings join a family, it is important that the children already in the family are carefully considered and well prepared, as stresses Hedi Argent, an independent family placement consultant, trainer and author.

It’s my family who made me ‘me’
Hannah, aged 27, talks about growing up in a family of six – with two adopted children and two birth children. She explains how tracing her birth parents made her feel even closer to her adoptive family.

Children's experiences of adoption
Stories from children who are adopted, and birth children whose parents have adopted.

What it's like being adopted
It's been 12 years since Zoe was adopted and she recalls the times she has been asked the question "What's it like to be adopted?"

My dads are the coolest people ever!
Hi, my name is Sam and I’m ten. I live with my two dads.

Please, give an older child a chance!
Emily explains how finding a forever family was far from easy.

Tackling the equation
Lois, now 14, describes how she was helped to acknowledge her feelings about being adopted.

A force to be reckoned with
Larry, aged 16, is glad that adoption was there as an option for him.

Hi I'm Rebecca
Rebecca, aged 14, explains how foetal alchol syndrome affects her life.

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