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Photograph of Kimberley and Amy

KIMBERLEY 6 years AMY 3 years

are sisters who have always lived together and have a close relationship. They love dressing up, have developed a loving and affectionate relationship with their foster carers and are both in general good health. Kimberley is a very affectionate, chatty and playful little girl who enjoys playing outside and is very energetic. Amy is a very bright and happy little girl who likes cuddles and nursery. Needing: adoption

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We are a family-finding service for children in the UK who need an adoptive or permanent foster family (also in the UK). Be My Parent is run by the British Association for Adoption & Fostering (BAAF), and has a monthly newspaper and website.

testimonial from subscriber 4 To use our website to search for children needing adopting or permanent (long-term) fostering, and to make enquiries, families must subscribe to Be My Parent first. Agencies wanting to use the service need to contact us to get set up.

Agencies can also use the online system to refer children to the website and/or the newspaper.

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