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TYLER 1 year

is a sociable, content and affectionate little boy who giggles and loves showing that he can clap his hands. He likes playing with a balloon and with his sensory toys. Tyler can communicate with noises, lie on his back and roll all the way over. He has a range of health and developmental needs and needs a committed adoptive family to help him develop. Needing: adoption

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BAAF, as currently constituted, has gone into administration and is closing as of 31 July 2015, as is the Be My Parent service. The August 2015 edition of Be My Parent that you have received or will shortly receive is the last edition of the newspaper. The Be My Parent website will also be taken down in a few days.
Although we have demonstrated great resilience in the face of significant changes and prevailing economic conditions, including a fall in income from various sources, sadly we have found ourselves unable to sustain the organisation. We have been working hard to ensure that many of our vital services continue, and are pleased to announce that we will be amalgamating with the Coram group; Coram is the oldest dedicated children’s charity in the UK founded in 1739 as the birthplace of children’s social care. Some of BAAF's functions will be transferring to a new entity within the Coram group of charities, the CoramBAAF Academy for Adoption & Fostering. That transfer will be concluded today.
If you are an agency that has referred a child/children to Be My Parent and have questions about this, please contact Rachel Shenwood or Phil Morton on 0121 710 5200.
If you are a subscriber to Be My Parent, please discuss your plans and the implications with your social workers, and if you are not already familiar with the Adoption Register for England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, ask your social worker about this.
Thank you.

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