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Here is a selection of some of the profiles of children on Be My Parent online. To see more information about these or any of the children we feature, families will need to register and provide some details, and then go on to subscribe. Agencies should contact us.

Photograph of Hayden


Age: 3 years

is a happy and active little boy who enjoys running around outside, playing with his cars and going for walks to see horses and tractors. He has recently become more confident in exploring and enjoys attention from adults. Hayden has benefited from extra support with his speech. He has a good attachment to both his foster carers. Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Ella


Age: 9 years

is a healthy and active young girl who enjoys walking and playing tennis. She would like a pony, but would settle for a gerbil! Ella’s favourite colour is pink and she would like a pink bedroom! She loves music, shopping and anything ‘girlie’. Ella has a statement of special educational needs at school to support her behaviour, but is academically able. Needing: permanent fostering

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Photograph of Albana


Age: 5 years

is a friendly, affectionate, laidback and happy little girl who loves cuddles. She gets so excited when playing with water or swimming! Albana has a chromosome disorder, which has affected her health and development although she continues to make great progress with support from her special needs school. She has grown in confidence since learning to walk and loves exploring! Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Sharon and Stacey


not their real names, are sisters with a loving and caring bond. They are delightful and healthy little girls who are settling well into their foster family. Sharon is a very thoughtful, caring and polite girl who loves One Direction and would like to join a football team. Stacey is a loving and affectionate little girl who loves Doc McStuffins and pretend play, for example, pretending to be a teacher. Needing: permanent fostering

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Photograph of Frank


Age: 3 years

is a happy, engaging little boy with an enchanting, ready smile. He is very sociable and loves to be with people. Frank is starting to walk, is very lively and interested in all that is going on around him. Frank needs a very special family who is able to meet his health and development needs, and who is comfortable with nurses in their home supporting Frank alongside them. Needing: permanent fostering

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Photograph of Brandon


Age: 2 years

is a warm, gentle little boy who laughs and chuckles and has a smile that will light up the room. He likes to play while lying on the floor, loves listening to music and really likes cuddles. Brandon needs consistent care and stimulation to support his development and health needs. His foster carer describes him as a joy to care for. Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Adam and Jamie


are loving, well-behaved, happy and sociable brothers who are very affectionate towards each other. They both love being outdoors and playing with their toys. Adam enjoys being read to and collecting twigs and leaves when out. He is a joy to be around. Jamie is a bright and determined little boy who loves CBeebies. He is full of energy and enthusiasm and has a lovely smile. Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Dodge, Leon and Ethan


are healthy and happy brothers who have bundles of energy and love each other dearly. They enjoy playing games, visiting parks, reading and making camps together. Dodge and Leon are receiving speech and language therapy. Dodge loves to play with his action figures and go to school. Leon adores role play and nursery. Ethan enjoys nothing more than driving his little Mini Cooper car. Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Nathan and Aiden


are brothers who share a close bond. They both have fragile X syndrome and developmental delay, and are making good progress. Nathan is animated and inquisitive, and loves playing outdoors and the Despicable Me movies. He communicates with short words and sounds. Aiden is energetic, determined and can find things extremely funny! He is always on the go and loves playing outside. Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Ross and Chloe


are brother and sister with a very close relationship. They both enjoy school and are doing well. Ross is caring, well mannered and inquisitive. He enjoys Lego, helping his foster carer fix things, football and is a whizz on the computer. Chloe is sociable, happy, determined and adventurous, always aiming for the highest slide! She loves bike-riding, role play and is a real chatterbox. Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Christopher, Gemma, Chrissy, Harriette & Sophia


not their real names, are loving half-brother and sisters, who are very close. They enjoy eating out, Taekwondo and swimming. The children have good attachments to their foster carers. Christopher is polite, humorous and loves computer games. Gemma is kind, happy and developing in confidence. Chrissy is affectionate, loving and would like to be a beauty therapist. Harriette is a sweet child who loves all activities. Sophia is funny, happy, bubbly, and enjoys school. Needing: permanent fostering

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Photograph of Lacie and Tyler


are sister and brother who have an extremely close bond. They have good routines and positive relationships with their foster carers. Both children have global developmental delay and are making good progress. Lacie is beautiful and delightful with a cheerful and confident personality. Tyler is adorable and appealing, and he thrives on interactive play. He has low muscle tone and uses a walking frame. Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Marie


Age: 1 year

not her real name, is a cheeky and feisty young lady who knows what she wants and has the fighting spirit to go all the way. She loves to be with adults almost as much as she loves Peppa Pig! Marie has a range of additional health and development needs. She is a cheerful, lovely little girl, and is enjoying learning about the world. Needing: adoption or permanent fostering

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Photograph of Toby and Finley


are happy and mischievous brothers who love playing together! They have good attachments with their foster carers. Toby likes to be in charge and Finley looks up to his brother. Toby loves football and cricket. He is meeting targets above his expected levels at school. Finley loves climbing and finding somewhere high to jump from! He is making good progress at nursery. Needing: adoption or permanent fostering

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Photograph of Alby


Age: 6 years

is an energetic, cheerful and affectionate boy with a good sense of humour. He is enthusiastic about learning new things such as swimming and drumming. Alby also likes planting things and making cakes. He has made great progress at school and enjoys reading. Alby needs a family who can help him develop his emotional strength. Needing: adoption

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