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Here is a selection of some of the profiles of children on Be My Parent online. To see more information about these or any of the children we feature, families will need to register and provide some details, and then go on to subscribe. Agencies should contact us.

Photograph of Hayden


Age: 3 years

is a happy and active little boy who enjoys running around outside, playing with his cars and going for walks to see horses and tractors. He has recently become more confident in exploring and enjoys attention from adults. Hayden has benefited from extra support with his speech. He has a good attachment to both his foster carers. Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Albana


Age: 5 years

is a friendly, affectionate, laidback and happy little girl who loves cuddles. She gets so excited when playing with water or swimming! Albana has a chromosome disorder, which has affected her health and development although she continues to make great progress with support from her special needs school. She has grown in confidence since learning to walk and loves exploring! Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Reo


Age: 3 years

is an affectionate, sociable and friendly little boy. He is very inquisitive and likes exploring. His foster carers say Reo is “an extremely happy soul”. He likes music, and sings and dances along to Peppa Pig. Reo is bright and healthy. His development is currently within normal limits. Reo loves his food, particularly cheese, curries and a Sunday roast with stuffing! Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Brett, Aiden and Connor


are active, inquisitive and happy brothers who enjoy adult attention and playing football. Brett is a lively boy who loves Spider-Man. He likes school, where he receives support for his concentration and is eager to learn. Aiden loves Noddy, Peppa Pig, playing with cars and running around with other children. Connor is a strong-willed, energetic and confident little boy who enjoys singing, dancing and listening to stories. Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Paige and Violet


are sisters who are loving and affectionate towards each other, play well together and hold hands when they are out. Paige is a chatty little girl with a good sense of humour who giggles a lot. She loves to dress up in pretty dresses and handbags! Violet is a happy little girl with a cheeky laugh. She likes Peppa Pig, skipping, dancing and singing along to music. Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Brodie


Age: 6 years

is a friendly and engaging little girl who enjoys painting, reading, princesses and animals. She is learning to ride a bike and loves dancing. Brodie is making good progress at school. She had been receiving extra support with her behaviour, but this is no longer necessary. Her favourite subject is maths and she has a number of friends at school. Brodie eats and sleeps well. Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Sam and Lucy


are delightful and sociable brother and sister who enjoy Lego and playing games together. The children are responding to positive support and making great progress. They are always keen to go to school and do homework. Sam is kind, has a lovely sense of humour and loves swimming. Lucy is chatty, has an artistic side and loves to draw. Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Stevie and Harley


are brother and sister with a good relationship who need to stay together. They are healthy and developing age-appropriately. Stevie is a happy, sociable little girl who is bubbly, smiley and seldom gets upset. She likes dressing up and bedtime stories. Harley is a playful, bright, energetic and active little boy who is almost constantly on the move! His favourite toys are cars, buses and diggers. Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Sophia, Izabella, Tara and Paige


are very close sisters who look out for each other. Sophia is a ‘little cheeky monkey’ who loves looking into handbags! Izabella is a confident, bubbly, inquisitive little girl who has a thirst for knowledge and loves learning new things. Paige is a daredevil and loves jumping about and rough and tumble play. Tara is ‘little miss sunshine’, and is a healthy baby and speedy crawler! Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Thomas


Age: 3 years

is a charming and sociable little boy who likes cuddles and being with other people. He loves music and tries to sing and dance. Thomas is settled and thriving in his current foster family, where he is now showing a positive attachment to his foster carer, who he adores. He is making steady progress with support and is becoming much more vocal. Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Warren


Age: 7 years

is a lovable little boy who makes friends easily. He is energetic, loves the outdoors, and enjoys gymnastics, swimming, watching films, playing with Lego, jigsaws and computer games. Warren needs lots of cuddles and reassurance and has formed a positive relationship with his foster carer. He is making excellent progress at school and is now in the top three of his class. Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Catherine and Katie


not their real names, are active and happy sisters with a loving relationship. They enjoy being outdoors, playing with dolls and dressing up. Catherine is a loving and caring girl who is in the school choir and dance class. There are no concerns about her school performance. Katie is a cheerful, bubbly girl who loves being read to and singing along to Frozen. She enjoys school, where she receives support with her speech and learning. Needing: permanent fostering

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Photograph of Sharon and Stacey


not their real names, are sisters with a loving and caring bond. They are delightful and healthy little girls who are settling well into their foster family. Sharon is a very thoughtful, caring and polite girl who loves One Direction and would like to join a football team. Stacey is a loving and affectionate little girl who loves Doc McStuffins and pretend play, for example, pretending to be a teacher. Needing: permanent fostering

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Photograph of Junyi


Age: 2 years

is a cheeky little chap with a lovely smile, a great giggle and an infectious personality. He likes playing outdoors on his swing, feeding the ducks and going to the seaside. Junyi has a rare genetic condition causing a wide range of symptoms. He is making great progress in his foster family, is cruising the furniture and is very chatty on the phone! Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Brandon


Age: 1 year

is a warm, gentle little boy who laughs and chuckles and has a smile that will light up the room. He likes to play while lying on the floor, loves listening to music and really likes cuddles. Brandon needs consistent care and stimulation to support his development and health needs. He is a joy to care for. Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Frank


Age: 2 years

is a happy, engaging little boy with an enchanting, ready smile. He is very sociable and loves to be with people. Frank is starting to walk, is very lively and interested in all that is going on around him. Frank needs a very special family who is able to meet his health and development needs, and who is comfortable with nurses in their home supporting Frank alongside them. Needing: permanent fostering

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