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Here is a selection of some of the profiles of children on Be My Parent online. To see more information about these or any of the children we feature, families will need to register and provide some details, and then go on to subscribe. Agencies should contact us.

Photograph of Leo


Age: 2 years

loves nursery rhymes, toy cars, stacking cups, balls and books. He likes any toy that makes a noise and is quite musical! Leo enjoys cuddles and being around other children and can share nicely. He has a good sense of humour and a mischievous streak. Leo has some mobility and feeding difficulties, but is doing really well. Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Toby and Finley


are happy and mischievous brothers who love playing together! They have good attachments with their foster carers. Toby likes to be in charge and Finley looks up to his brother. Toby loves football and cricket. He is meeting targets above his expected levels at school. Finley loves climbing and finding somewhere high to jump from! He is making good progress at nursery. Needing: adoption or permanent fostering

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Photograph of Katie


Age: 11 years

not her real name, is a confident, chatty and active girl who loves singing and dancing. She laughs at You’ve Been Framed and rabbits twitching their noses! Katie currently attends a residential school but would love to “go home for tea like other children”. She needs a permanent foster family who can help her to reach her potential. Needing: permanent fostering

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Photograph of James


Age: 5 years

is a funny, happy boy who soaks up new experiences. He enjoys playing outside and indoors with his trains, cars and books. James plays well with other children. His development is delayed in all areas, but he is making progress with support. James attends a specialist school for children with educational needs. His foster carer says James is a little chap with great potential. Needing: adoption or permanent fostering

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Photograph of Stephanie


Age: 7 years

is a loving little girl with a smile that can light up a room! She enjoys swimming, ice-skating and playing on her bike. Stephanie has good relationships with her foster carers. She can be quite shy and requires lots of reassurance when experiencing something new. Stephanie has made phenomenal progress in her development since being in foster care. At school, she is particularly good at maths. Needing: adoption

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Photograph of Kyla


Age: 5 years

is a very active little girl who enjoys ballet, horse-riding. being read to, drawing pictures, singing and dancing. Kyla also loves playing with her soft toys, dolls and having her hair done. She loves to choose what she wears and knows what she likes! Kyla enjoys learning at school, where she has friends. She has made enormous progress in all areas of her development. Needing: adoption or permanent fostering.

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Photograph of Tyler


Age: 1 year

is a sociable, content and affectionate little boy who giggles and loves showing that he can clap his hands. He likes playing with a balloon and with his sensory toys. Tyler can communicate with noises, lie on his back and roll all the way over. He has a range of health and developmental needs and needs a committed adoptive family to help him develop. Needing: adoption

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